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  • 18.04.2020
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Dujind | 24.04.2020
Criticized Harper's record of deficits, have zero plans on returning to a balanced budget. Justin's going to make Harper look like a penny pincher.
Tygogal | 24.04.2020
Maybe. That's a lot of projecting and speculation out of someone saying that they are asexual, though.
Samuzragore | 24.04.2020
I was about to pull my hair out driving to work this morning. First of all, I think my next door neighbor is trolling me. He drives this piece of road equipment that is super slow. I leave every morning around 7:00. I swear he tries to leave shortly before me so I get stuck behind him. : /
Yosar | 27.04.2020
What concerns do you have about health and expenses about female hygiene products? especially when no male hygiene products are taxed?
Zulkikazahn | 27.04.2020
Hola buenos días

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