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  • 29.05.2021
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Samujind | 30.05.2021
Im not real familiar with the South Am, Camazotz. What I would like to ask, is will anyone or even your team look up the indigenous prophecies of the 'great migration'.
Tozragore | 30.05.2021
Hii choco pink. I like yr light brown skin .visit my profile if you interested lets chat & know more abt
Moogurn | 31.05.2021
Curing cancer 1 fps at a time.
Dadal | 01.06.2021
Not astonished that you were incapable to find a job under the job-killer that is Obama. But now that we have a Republican back in office, hope many fresh jobs for the middle class
Gokazahn | 07.06.2021
I am not ignoring any of you. My chat is just so glitchy.

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